On this page you can watch our sessions afterwards. We sometimes have live sessions where we explain or show a tool, a technique or a concept. Sometimes they are recorded and you can watch these here. A lot of them are in English, you are also welcome to come with tips och sessions you want to see.

Här kan du se våra sessioner i efterhand. Vi har ibland live sessioner där vi förklarar eller visar upp ett verktyg, en teknik eller nått begrepp. Ibland spelas de in och dessa kan du se här. Många av dem är på engelska, men vi tar gärna emot tips och åsikter om du exempelvis vill se en viss session på svenska.

Workshop: Let’s make games: part 1

Here is the recorded workshop on how to make a game in the free tool Scratch. For more information about Scratch you can check out our Link library where we have a collection of good videos and tips on how to use the software!

Workshop: How to produce a podcast

Here is a recorded workshop from earlier this year about podcasting. If you are curious about how to get started with podcasting hopefully you will find this workshop useful. We are talking about everything from plugging in your equipment to publishing.

Workshop: Create a logo

Here is a recorded workshop that will take you through the design process and discuss what to think about when making a logo. If you wan’t to know more about the tools and software that are discussed in this workshop, please check out our Link library for a good variety of videos and tips on how to get started!

Workshop: Let’s make games (part 2) with animation

This workshop is a follow up on the last game workshop. We are using another free tool called the wickeditor. You don’t need an account, you can just go to their website and try it out: In the workshop you will learn some basic tools and functions in the wick editor. And some animations and a simple game making.