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Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X is a digital audio workstation and MIDI software application for Mac OS. It is a great application for all types of music creation, recording & editing for both novice and professional use.

Logic Pro X är en DAW(Digital Audio Workstation) och MIDI-programvara för Mac OS. Det är en bra applikation för alla typer av musikskapande, inspelning och redigering för både nybörjare och för professionell användning.


Getting Started

A beginners guide in Logic Pro X interface and basic functionality. If you are completely new to Logic Pro X this video will guide you through the very first stages of opening a project and how to navigate through the software.

Recording Audio

This video will show the basics of recording audio in Logic Pro X and setting up your audio interface and gain levels. It is aimed towards novice users with little to no prior experience of recording audio.

MIDI and Software instruments

Getting started with MIDI and music creation using software instruments included in Logic Pro X. It is aimed towards users with little to no prior experience.

Useful Shortcuts In Logic

This video will introduce some keyboard shortcuts that will speed up and help your workflow while getting used to the software.

Extensive beginners tutorial

A longer more extensive tutorial going over the basics in Logic Pro X. It is a great start for the beginner to go over the fundamentals in music creation and production.

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