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A music studio application for Mac and Ipads. In GarageBand you can create your own music using the audio library included in the program.

En musikstudioapplikation för Mac och Ipads. I GarageBand kan du skapa din egen musik med hjälp av ljudbibliotek som ingår i programmet.


GarageBand Mac for Beginners

Learn a lot of useful tips and trick regarding different sounds, sustain, reverb, autotune and more!

Garageband Tutorial – Learn Under 10 Minutes

If you have not used GarageBand before and want a complete beginners guide you should start here.

Your First GarageBand iOS Lesson!

A beginners guide to how to use GarageBand on Ipad and Iphone.

GarageBand Tutorial for Beginners: How to Record

A beginners guide to how to record in GarageBand.

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Audacity is a free multi-track audio editor and recorder for Mac OS, PC and Linux. It is a useful tool for basic editing & recording and it works on any operating system! If you don’t need a deep range of tools and effects this could be the perfect solution for you.

Audacity är en gratis multi-track ljudredigerare och inspelare för Mac OS, PC och Linux. Det är ett användbart verktyg för grundläggande redigering och inspelning och det fungerar på alla operativsystem! Om du inte behöver ett många olika specifika verktyg och effekter kan detta vara den perfekta lösningen för dig.


Beginners Guide

A beginners guide and tutorial to get the hang of the interface and the functionality in Audacity

Removing Noise & Improving Sound

First steps of sound processing with EQ, compression and noise reduction to make your recordings sound crisp and clean.

Aucaity’s Official Website

Audacity is a free open source software that updates continuously so be sure to check their website for information and good tips!

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Ableton Live

Ableton Live is a sequencer and digital audio workstation for both Mac OS and PC. It can be used as an instrument for both live performing, recording audio/midi and mixing.

Ableton Live är en sequencer för musik och en DAW(Digital Audio Workstation) för både macOS och Windows. Det kan användas som ett instrument i liveframträdanden, men det är också ett verktyg för ljudinspelning, komposition, arrangering, mixning och mastering.


Audio Interface Setup

This video will go through the basics of hooking up an external audio interface and getting started with recording audio. Video from Ableton Live’s own team.

Midi Controller Setup

How to set up your external MIDI controller and mapping it the way you want. This video will help you getting started with your external controllers and look at the settings in the software preferences. Video from Ableton Live’s own team.

Record Audio

A short intro in how to record audio in Ableton and optimizing your settings for your external audio interface. Video from Ableton Live’s own team.

Midi Making Beats

A quick look at how you can get started making beats in MIDI. Video from Ableton Live’s own team.

Extensive guide and tutorial for beginners in Ableton Live

A longer more extensive tutorial for beginners going through the layout and how to become comfortable using the software. Timestamps in the comment section of the video.

Full playlist of Ableton getting started tutorials

A link to the full Getting Started playlist from Ableton Live’s official channel.

Link to Official Ableton Website

Good source for FAQ and tons of videos helping you improve for both novice and more experienced users.

Free Plugins and Loops

As you improve your skills in Ableton the stock instruments and effects might not be enough. Here is a good source of free VST-plugins and Loops to elevate your music creation.

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Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X is a digital audio workstation and MIDI software application for Mac OS. It is a great application for all types of music creation, recording & editing for both novice and professional use.

Logic Pro X är en DAW(Digital Audio Workstation) och MIDI-programvara för Mac OS. Det är en bra applikation för alla typer av musikskapande, inspelning och redigering för både nybörjare och för professionell användning.


Getting Started

A beginners guide in Logic Pro X interface and basic functionality. If you are completely new to Logic Pro X this video will guide you through the very first stages of opening a project and how to navigate through the software.

Recording Audio

This video will show the basics of recording audio in Logic Pro X and setting up your audio interface and gain levels. It is aimed towards novice users with little to no prior experience of recording audio.

MIDI and Software instruments

Getting started with MIDI and music creation using software instruments included in Logic Pro X. It is aimed towards users with little to no prior experience.

Useful Shortcuts In Logic

This video will introduce some keyboard shortcuts that will speed up and help your workflow while getting used to the software.

Extensive beginners tutorial

A longer more extensive tutorial going over the basics in Logic Pro X. It is a great start for the beginner to go over the fundamentals in music creation and production.

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