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A music studio application for Mac and Ipads. In GarageBand you can create your own music using the audio library included in the program.

En musikstudioapplikation för Mac och Ipads. I GarageBand kan du skapa din egen musik med hjälp av ljudbibliotek som ingår i programmet.


GarageBand Mac for Beginners

Learn a lot of useful tips and trick regarding different sounds, sustain, reverb, autotune and more!

Garageband Tutorial – Learn Under 10 Minutes

If you have not used GarageBand before and want a complete beginners guide you should start here.

Your First GarageBand iOS Lesson!

A beginners guide to how to use GarageBand on Ipad and Iphone.

GarageBand Tutorial for Beginners: How to Record

A beginners guide to how to record in GarageBand.

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