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A game engine used to create 2D and 3D games. Unity is a popular free to use platform for students and non-professional users. It does not require a paid subscription until you start making money on your games. Learn the basics in unity and check out our links!

En spelmotor som används för att skapa 2D- och 3D-spel. Unity är en populär, gratis att använda plattform för studenter och icke-professionella användare. Det kräver inte ett betalt abonnemang förrän du börjar tjäna pengar på dina spel. Lär dig grunderna i enhet och kolla in våra länkar!


Unity Beginner Tutorials

This Youtube channel is a great asset for any user to learn how to make games in unity independent of your skill level. This is a series of 63 episodes on how to make a game.

Welcome to Unity Learn

Unity have their own courses that goes through various topics. Choose your level on their start page for relevant content. A great place to start is this tutorial where you will learn to make a car game.

Learn Unity in 17 MINUTES!

This video is a great start for just getting an overview of how unity works.

Unity3D Physics – Rigidbodies, Colliders, Triggers

Learn how to add physics in a unity 3D-game.

C# Variables And Functions in Unity! – Beginner Scripting Tutorial

A beginner tutorial for scripting in unity. Learn how to use variables.

How to move objects using WASD in Unity 2020

Learn how to add the ability to control a object using keys.

How To Animate In Unity 3D

A beginner tutorial on how to make a simple 3D animation in unity.

Unity Materials [01] – COLOR and TEXTURE

In unity when you add objects they can be decorated with different materials or textures. In this video you will learn about that.


It is very important to have user interface components in your game. In this video you will learn how to make a menu.

Prefabs in Unity Explained | Everything You Need To Know

Prefabs ar super useful in game development so look at this video to learn all about them.


Unity Grundkurs

En serie med 3 avsnitt som introducerar dig till Unity. Lär dig att programmera spel i C#.

Spelprogrammering med Unity 3D på svenska

Titta på denna serie för att lära dig grunden i spelprogrammering i Unity. Den har 17 avsnitt.

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