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Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is a professional video editing software for both Mac OS and Windows. Whether you’re a beginner editing your first video or working against industry standards this software should be your first choice.

Students attending courses that require the use of Adobe Suite programs at Malmö University could be eligible for receiving an Adobe license from the university. Contact your program or course coordinator for further information. 

Adobe Premiere Pro är ett professionellt videoredigeringsprogram för både Mac OS och Windows. Oavsett om du är nybörjare som redigerar din första video eller arbetar mot branschstandarder bör denna programvara vara ditt första val.

Studenter som går kurser där användningen av Adobe-programmen är en del av utbildningen kan vara berättigade att få licens till Adobe Suite av Malmö Universitet. För mer information kontakta din program eller kursadministratör. 


Learn the basics in Premiere Pro

A great start for any beginner who want to know more about the basics of the interface and functionality.

Color correcting in Premiere Pro

This video explains the necessary tools and ways to color correct your video.

Audio editing

A great way to elevate your project is to make sure that the audio is on point and works well with the visuals. This video explains the basics in audio editing.

List of useful effects

This video offers a few selected effects in Premiere Pro that can be useful when making your own projects!

Exporting your project

Getting the right exporting settings and creating your own templates when exporting your project.

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