C# is an Object-oriented programming language based on C++, but is more alike to Java. C# has a multitude of use cases because of it being platform independent. The language is very common in indie development of games, and is many game developers first language. The game engine Unity uses this language.

C# är ett objektorienterat programmeringsspråk baserat på C++, men är väldigt likt Java. C# används i många olika sammanhang då det är plattformsoberoende. Språket är mycket vanligt inom Indieutveckling av spel, och är många spelutvecklares första språk. Spelmotorn Unity använder sig av språket.



FreeCodeCamp is a tutorial channel which focuses on different programming concepts and languages. This video is a expansive tutorial explaining many of the basic concepts of C#.

Teddy Smith

Teddy Smith has a tutorial series containing 20 videos which teaches you the basics of the C# language.

Tim Corey

Tim Corey has multiple tutorial series which handles both basic and advanced concepts in C#.

Object Oriented Programming

C# is an Object Oriented language. But what does that really mean? This video explains the basic concepts of Object Oriented Programming.

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