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Figma is a vector-based prototype tool that is free to use on a smaller scale. It is web-based and easy to get started with.
You can use it to design a website, an app etc.

Figma är en vektorbaserat prototypverktyg som är gratis att använda i mindre skala. Det är webbaserat och enkelt att komma igång med. Du kan använda det för att designa en hemsida, en app mm.


Figma Tutorial – A Free UI Design/Prototyping Tool. It’s awesome.

This is a good introduction to Figma. You will learn the basics of the tools and
techniques available.

[BEGINNER] The Complete Figma UX/UI App Design Course

This is a series showing you how to use Figma for user interface design. It also explains some basics in UX/UI App design.

Learn Design with Figma: Design Exercises 

On Figma’s site you can find lessons on design as well as design exercises that can help you practice different tasks such as creating a story board.

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