IDE Link Library Programming

Visual Studio Code

Visual studio code is a source code editor where you can code in many different languages. It is free and open source.

Visual studio code är en källkodsredigerare där du kan koda i många olika språk. Den är gratis och har öppen källkod.


What is Visual Studio Code (VS Code)

Short intro to what Visual Studio Code is. How is it different from an IDE and other editors?

Visual Studio Code Tutorial for Beginners – Introduction

This is a half an hour tutorial on the basics of Visual Studio Code.

Visual Studio Code Intro & Setup

This is an other good intro to Visual Studio Code. They explain how to navigate the program and also shows you some extensions.

Visual Studio Code Crash Course

This tutorial is a little longer and will give you tips on how to use the program more easily. They go threw topics as; Customizing the Layout, Debugging, Keyboard Shortcuts, Extensions and Themes and more.

Top 10 Best VS Code Extensions (2020)

Do you want to see some examples on extensions you can have to your Visual Studio Code, this is the video for you.

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