IDE Link Library Programming

Visual Studio Community

Visual Studio Community is a free code editor that is used to write and compile code on Windows computers. Both C# and C++ can be used with Visual Studios. The code editor can also be connected to external programs like the game engines Unity or Unreal Engine.

Visual Studio Community är ett gratis programutvecklingsmiljö som används till att skriva och kompilera kod på Windows. I Visual Studio kan du skriva i bland annat språken C++ och C#. Visual Studio går även att använda till att endast skriva kod och sedan koppla till externa program som spelmotorerna Unity och Unreal Engine.



Home page for Visual Studio where you can find more information regarding the code editor, as well as download the latest versions of it.

Visual Studio or VS Code?

Should you use Visual Studio or VS Code as your code editor?

Visual Studio with Unity

Here is a guide to setting up and connecting visual studio with the game engine Unity.

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IDE Link Library Programming

Visual Studio Code

Visual studio code is a source code editor where you can code in many different languages. It is free and open source.

Visual studio code är en källkodsredigerare där du kan koda i många olika språk. Den är gratis och har öppen källkod.


What is Visual Studio Code (VS Code)

Short intro to what Visual Studio Code is. How is it different from an IDE and other editors?

Visual Studio Code Tutorial for Beginners – Introduction

This is a half an hour tutorial on the basics of Visual Studio Code.

Visual Studio Code Intro & Setup

This is an other good intro to Visual Studio Code. They explain how to navigate the program and also shows you some extensions.

Visual Studio Code Crash Course

This tutorial is a little longer and will give you tips on how to use the program more easily. They go threw topics as; Customizing the Layout, Debugging, Keyboard Shortcuts, Extensions and Themes and more.

Top 10 Best VS Code Extensions (2020)

Do you want to see some examples on extensions you can have to your Visual Studio Code, this is the video for you.

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IDE Link Library Programming


Arduino is a company that manufactures so called maker-boards, housing and fully supporting a programmable microcontroller, bringing the barrier of entry for creating your own small hardware projects down lower than almost anything else on the market

Arduino är ett företag som tillverkar så kallade Maker-boards, som innehåller och stöder en programmerbar mikrokontroller, och på så sätt sänker kraven för individer att skapa egna små hårdvaruprojekt lägre än nästan allt annat på marknaden.


Arduino documentation platform

The brand new official documentation site for Arduino

Arduino project hub

Browse thousands of user created projects for inspiration and tutorials

Beginner Electronics

A extensive course series that introduce you to electronics that you need to know to work with Arduino.

You can learn Arduino in 15 minutes.

Short video explaining what an Arduino is. It explains the concepts micro controllers, curcit bords, pin connectors and the Arduino IDE. It also shows some examples.

Arduino Workshop for Beginners

A introduction course in Arduino. It explains all the basics about what it is and how to use it.

Absolute Basics About Arduino Uno

This is a recorded liveCast in the basics of Arduino Uno.

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