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Visual Studio Community

Visual Studio Community is a free code editor that is used to write and compile code on Windows computers. Both C# and C++ can be used with Visual Studios. The code editor can also be connected to external programs like the game engines Unity or Unreal Engine.

Visual Studio Community är ett gratis programutvecklingsmiljö som används till att skriva och kompilera kod på Windows. I Visual Studio kan du skriva i bland annat språken C++ och C#. Visual Studio går även att använda till att endast skriva kod och sedan koppla till externa program som spelmotorerna Unity och Unreal Engine.



Home page for Visual Studio where you can find more information regarding the code editor, as well as download the latest versions of it.

Visual Studio or VS Code?

Should you use Visual Studio or VS Code as your code editor?

Visual Studio with Unity

Here is a guide to setting up and connecting visual studio with the game engine Unity.

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