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Sketch is a vector graphics editor for macOS, used to design prototypes to apps, websites etc. It has similar features as Adobe XD and Figma.

Sketch är en vektorbaserad grafikprogram för macOS, som används för att designa prototyper till appar, hemsidor mm. Det har liknande funktioner som Adobe XD och Figma.


Intro to Sketch for Beginners | Sketch Tutorial (2020)

A great introduction video to Sketch. It explains the basic tools and shows you a example of what you can do.

Intro to Sketch – Beginners guide to Sketch Basics

Another good tutorial that shows the basics of Sketch.

Sketch guides: Smart Layout

A short specific video that shows you how to use Smart Layout. This is a useful tool if you work with this program allot.

Sketch Tutorial Drawing Vector Shapes

Learn how to use vector shapes in Sketch. This is a 4 min short video.

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